We are a community of gamers made up of members stretching across the world. Our main goals are to create a fun experience for people to be a part of both online and in the real world. The community was first founded twelve years ago under the name “Soldust Gaming”. Our original aim was to bring dead and lost mmos back to life by utilizing the skills of a group of gamers and technicians to create dedicated private servers. This was done not only as a way to keep old games alive, but as a protest against companies who needlessly close down online games preventing players from ever being able to access content again. Content they have often paid for or invested a lot of time into. Due to legal reasons, the original project had to be abandonned and after a number of years, a rebrand was required. Although we still persue this goal with project #KeepTheGamealive, we have also branched into other areas of the gaming industry.

Five years passed and the founders of the company started to look into developing their own games using opensource software, This project has been shelved for now with plans to revisit the potential once the organization becomes further established. Now twelve years later, our main focus is on the production of multimedia content, reporting on the current state of the industry such as new releases, events, news…. etc and to maintain private servers of lost online games. We also have our own store with plans to import goods from across seas as well as produce our own line of gaming ready desktop computers and steam OS based consoles.

We are all excited for what the future holds for Zinexeon and we would like to invite you to be a part of it. If you enjoy our work or would like to help support Zinexeon in achieving its goals, please consider becoming a supporter by subscribing to one of our Patreon packages. More information on this can be found by heading to either our Patreon page or by clicking on the banner below.