The settings listed below are the same for every server ensuring consistency across the cluster. You can find the servers by searching for “Zinexeon” in the “Unofficial PC Dedicated Server” lists.

Maps Within The Cluster

The Center PVE
Ragnarok PVP
Aberation PVP

Server Transfer Rules
You are able to transfer items & dinos from the PVE servers into the PVP servers. However, you cannot transfer items or dinos back to the PVE servers. This is to prevent tribes having their main base on the PVE server and traveling throughthe obelisk only to raid people. This prevents retaliation against them and makes the game unfair. The PVE servers are meant for people to have a base to fallback to and rebuild in peace, not so you can hide after raiding everyone.

Custom Drops
Beacons and cave drops now contain various useful items. You will not open a red drop to find two blueprints for medium crop plots. Green drops for example contain stacks of resources, including resources from the expansion packs. Red drops sometimes contain tech structures and even Element.

Tribes & Alliances
Tribes are limited to 5 players and tribe alliances are disabled. This is to prevent large tribes or alliances taking control of servers.

Server Settings
No Disease
Flyers Allowed To Carry
Cave Building Allowed (Only On PVP)
No Cave Building Penalty
Flyers Allowed In Caves
Increased Platform Build Amount
Flyers Recover Stamina In The Air
Wild Dinos Amount x1.5
Harvesting x20
Kill XP x10
Taming Speed x75
Wild Dino Levels 400+