Whilst playing on a server hosted by Zinexeon, people are expected to adhere to the rules we provide on the website and any terms of service agreements from other providers. For example, the Xbox terms of service. Although we do not list things found in the Xbox terms of service (as an example) you are still expected to adhere to those terms unless stated otherwise.

Zinexeon Ark Survival Evolved Cluster Server Rules – Last Updated 27/02/2019

Think of a name!
Anyone playing as a character called “Human” will be deleted. Any bases owned by “Human” will be destroyed.

Do not kill players on the PVE servers
This includes doing things to get them killed. Such as, dropping dinos onto their base or dragging their unconcious body into the sea and letting them drown……. even though it is hillarious. Please build turrets and set them to wild to avoid the admins having to deal with people dropping dinos on bases. We will punish them but it is not always possible to find out who did it.

Do not steal from players on the PVE servers
For example, if you find an unconcious body, please do not take the items from the player.Claiming dinos and structures if they have decayed is fine.

Do not spam structures on the PVE servers
Such as placing structures to claim large amounts of land or fencing off large areas.

Do not block off players on the PVE servers
If a player has built a base in a valley, dont build a wall at the end of said valley…… even if you are roleplaying as trump.

Do not block off the obelisks on PVE or PVP
This also includes building turrets nearby, Your base will be demolished if caught.

Do not inprision players for an unreasonable amount of time
Feel free to inprision players (PVP servers only) but let them out or let them die after an hour or two at the most. If you attempt to hold a prisioner until they are forced to recreate their character, the admins will walk into your base and break the prisioner out like when magneto walked out of jail.

Let people retreat back to PVE
If you wipe someone on the PVP servers, let them return to the obelisk so that they can retreat to the PVE servers and rebuild. Help them get there if they need it. Be sporting keep the PVP fun.