Welcome to the homepage for the official Zinexeon Ark Survival Evolved cluster server. The servers are hosted by Nitrado and managed by us! This means that downtimes are limited to patches and service issues outside of the control of players and admins. The servers also have DDOS protection and we have a team of admins at the ready to help players with any issues they may encounter.

The Cluster server features maps set to both PVE and PVP game modes. This is to allow players the oppotunity to build or rebuild in peace. Although Zinexeon does not condone trolling or harrassment, it is very difficult for admins to investigate every report of players being constantly wiped by the same people over and over again. This is why we recommend retreating to a PVE server after being wiped or badly attacked by other tribes.

Although you are able to transfer dinos and items between the PVP servers and from PVE to PVP, you are unable to transfer items and dinos from PVP servers to PVE. This is to stop being raiding on PVP servers and then hiding all the loot on PVE where it cannot be reclaimed by the victims.

Zinexeon pride themselves on being able to host servers to a professional standard. We will always endeavour to ensure players are adhering to the server rules and any terms of service that apply. We do not tolerate abusive or harrassing behaviour but will also take into account how situations have escalated to make sure they are dealt with correctly.