In the past, we have utilized forums and message boards to bring our community together. However, these ways of managing a community are difficult to run and outdated by todays standards. We now use Discord as a way of keeping our members connected and up to date with regular news updates. Anyone is welcome to join the community, but for a more personal experience between yourself, the core members and the founders of Zinexeon, please check out our monthly Patreon supporter packages.

Be Respectful
We will not tolerate trolling or blatant attempts of aggravating people for your own amusement. Anyone found “Salt Mining” will be instantly banned.
Stick To Banter
Smack talking is part of being a gamer but any insults that are derogatory, racist or sexualy explicit shall be removed and the poster will be investigated.
No Advertising
The community is not a place for you to advertise your own products and services. Any blatant spam will be removed immediately and the poster’s account banned.
No Illegal Content
Anyone attempting to use the community to share illegal content shall be instantly banned and if necessary, will be reported to the police.
Remain On Topic
Please use each channel for its intended purpose. For example, do not advertise items for sale in the general chat channel.

Failure to follow the rules can lead to a warning, ban or removal from a Discord channel. Even if you are a Patreon supporter, you can still be removed from channels. You have been warned.

To join our discord community, click on the link below for an automatic invite!

Here you can find a list of upcoming events hosted by the ZInexeon community. Below are the details for weekly and monthly events, but this is where you can find details about upcoming on off events too. These events can include events organized in real life and in game and will be detailed below. One off events will be added and removed to this page periodically.